Things to do in Candidasa

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things do do in candidasa

Candidasa is one of the tourist destination in the east of Bali but have less popularity than other beach destination on the southern of the island. But don't get away because the area has many things to offer without making you feeling bored on the way.

You can have many things to see and do in candidasa such as seeing the spectacular rice terraces, seeing or climbing the Mount Agung which is the highest and most sacred volcano in Bali, world class diving spots and witnessing the original Balinese village and so mcuh more.

If you want to arrange some tours or day trips, it can be easily arrange through your villa attendants or through your hotel staffs. If you are staying in one of the private villas in Candidasa then your daily trips can be arrange and can be tailor made to suit your needs and time.

Things to see or do in Candidasa


Tenganan Village

This is the home of the original Balinese people which dated to the 16th century. Tenganan village famous for their "Pandanus leaf war" or Perang Pandan which an annual event held at the center of Tenganan village. This village also famous for its double woven cloth called the Ikat Geringsing which believes to have magical powers.

Candidasa Orchid Garden

Go to Samuh village and find the Puri Bagus hotel road and you will find this superb garden which host large variety of orchids and other tropical plants. The garden own by an ecologist name Bernd from Germany.

Besakih Temple

This is the mother temple of all temples in Bali. Located on the slopes of mount Agung and considered the most sacred temple by the Balinese. Around the Besakih temple found 22 small temples which spread on land over 3 sq kilometers. From Candidasa the road that lead to Besakih temple has a spectacular scenery. A must to visit.

White Sandy Beaches

Around Candidasa you can found many other beaches and two of them will have pure white sand. The Virgin beach located east of Candidasa offer tucked away beach, hidden behind a hill which offer wonderful view and real tropical environtments. Other tucked away white sandy beach called "Bias Tugel" located around the Padang Bai Harbour. It will be a small journey to find the beach through off beaten track before reaching beautiful white sandy beach below.

Boat Trip

Local fisherman when not fishing to the sea will often use their boat for tourists. The fisherman will be happy to escort you on a boat trip to fish, snorkeling, diving or just boating around small island of Candidasa and seeing Candidasa in different perspective.


Nearby from Candidasa village are some of the worlds best dive sites. Some of the dive sites even can be experience by beginner divers. To find the spot you must rent a boat and asked the fisherman to get you to Gili Mimpang and Gili Tepekong where the beautiful coral sloped and abundance of marine life exist. Happy scuba dive in Candidasa.

Bike Tours

Rent a bike at some of the bike rental in center of Candidasa village and just go around the village to see the Balinese real life closer of asked for a guided tours which last from 4 hours to 8 hours to see the beauty of Candidasa.

Royal Palace Tour

The Karangasem palace often called Maskerdam was built around the 20th century by Anak Agung Gede Djelantik, the late King of Karangasem. He was an architect which can combine Balinese architecture with European styles.

Ujung Water Palace

Another beautiful palace in karangasem is the Taman Ujung Water Palace which was built for the King to rest. Built on 1921 and has spectacular coastal view of the beach and wondeful garden architecture.

Tirtagangga Water Palace

With lust tropical garden, the late King of Karangasem built this water palace in 1947. This water palace has several spring fed pools where some of them can be bathed in.

Jemeluk Beach

Jemeluk beach is located before the Candidasa village where this beach used by the Oddessy submarine which is a mini sub to view the beautiful underwater marine lifes up to 70 feet below the sea.


This is one of the best way to see the Balinese way of life closer. There are many trekking routes which some of them will past the Tenganan village, passing the beautiful rice fields and some other routes goes to Mount Agung.

Villa Martina Candidasa

villa martina candidasaVilla Martina Candidasa has 3 bedrooms and 2 storey villa with Balinese thatched roof architectural style (alang-alang) fileld with modern facilities.

Villa Martina Candidasa

Villa Pantai

villa pantai candidasaVilla Pantai has two Luxurious Bedroom Suites of generous proportions. Both have their own stylish Ensuite Bathrooms and are air-conditioned for your comfort.

Villa Pantai Candidasa

Villa Kaniksa

villa kaniksa candidasaVilla Kaniksa is one of the beachfront villa located in Candidasa, east of Bali. The property has around 1000sqm with 4 large bedrooms where each one of them with en-suite bathroom and soaking bathtub.

Villa Kaniksa Candidasa

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